There is literally ZERO glare off the clubface with these. The black finish holds very well. For more information please visit www. SO easy to hit, they just might be illegal only joking!! Clubhead, shaft, and grip are used but in good condition. These clubs cut through the rough nicely as well. Combo Iron Set Hybrid Irons.

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Hardpan, tight lie, fairway, rough.

These clubs cut through the rough nicely as well. Shaft Flex 2012 callaway razr x Regular. Even with half swings I can see an improvement in my game. Rqzr M1 and M2 Irons. Model – Razr X HL. That is about to change.

I got these and used them for the first time and shot a 77!! The ball comes off hot and lively, yet pretty consistent as well.

Callaway RAZR X, RAZR X Tour, RAZR X Forged Irons, Reviews, Test Results |

ELY creates products and services designed to 2102 every golfer a better golfer. One low-handicap tester commented, “It has great pop to the ball and a smoothness of roll unlike anything else. The design is great in and of itself, and it also makes it easier to play a Tour World combo set. As many clubs as i,ve used the past 4 years trying to compensate for aging these have helped me maintain my confidence on the course more than any others.


Wanted to switch over from graphite to steel because 2012 callaway razr x could feel the club head bending as I came through. I hit the M2 first, and found it to be very solid when hit 2012 callaway razr x the screws.

Callaway Golf’s Product Line Tops Golf Digest’s ’Hot List’

Type – Hybrid – 5. Unlike other irons in this category that shall remain nameless cough, had 4 numbers in it, coughthe finish on the RAZR X Black is very clean, durable and eye catching. Want to test out two different brands, or two 2012 callaway razr x configurations? Next 10 ok, 15 balls were with the M2.

Over the course of several months, separate entries were submitted and evaluated for the Hot List. Many testers find it to be 2012 callaway razr x solid yet soft at impact—a steamroller through the hitting zone. The RAZR X is an iron that does its job instead clalaway attempting to set a land-speed record and then blowing an engine.

Changing your mind does not qualify for retraction. Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight. Metal-X’s innovative face design combines a layer of dimpled aluminum with urethane to create an unmatched blend of great feel and pure roll. The M1 definitely was more suited for my eye, and produced more consistent 2012 callaway razr x flights. Very good-performing iron for me, and something I would definitely consider changing them out if I 2012 callaway razr x reduce the spin off the face.


Callaway RAZR x HL

I was surprised that the M2 was 2012 callaway razr x winner in this brief session. I know this accounts for the distance gain but the ball definitely comes off hot compared to my set. I think these clubs will be big winners with the mid-to-high handicap set.

The Callaway Razr X Irons aren’t like other irons that enhance one benefit at the expense of other critical areas. We also want to thank those of you who provided feedback on the voting process 2012 callaway razr x.

Personally, not a fan of seeing the face slots.

Will continue to test, what a treat to compare the two irons. If you do love it, that’s awesome!