The above is the raw, un-previewed version of my post. Asus Germany Compatibility Page Your upgrade path will be rather limited with this board. DaveB Ars Praefectus Registered: Speaking of tweaking capabilities, this is easily the most tweakable of the AMD boards. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Originally Posted by Prof. My current one is cheap, but slow to deliver.

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ASUS clearly put some careful thought into the layout of the motherboard. Worried about your Best Course in this Economic Meltdown?

I heard a bunch of horror stories about this motherboard in the past, but some Disney-like tales too. Get Our Best Stories!


You can’t adjust the clock multiplier, even if you have an unlocked CPU, unless you’re handy with a soldering iron. Originally Posted by Prof.

Good FSB adjustability, excellent layout, stable Cons: Aside from a stick of Crucial failing in this system and asus a7m266 audio few glitches with Aufio Santa Cruz Asus a7m audio have had no other issues with this board.

Coug, why don’t you order one and see if you like it. During testing and extensive use afterwards, there were no apparent stability glitches. I’ll stick to the TYAN then.

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Asus a7m266 audio don’t know about the Asus.

A7MD | ASUS Global

So it might not be the good Overclocking machine you think. It definitely qualifies as the high-priced spread, but in this case, you get what you pay for.

Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Asus a7m266 audio think you mean “paramount’, or perhaps ‘primary’. I accidentaly hit “submit” instead of “preview”. Pentium 4 Xeon, Asus a7m266 audio Thunder i One minor quirk was the Content Creation Winstone benchmark in Windows Me, which posted auido lower scores.

There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. This particular C-Media chip is the baby brother of the asus a7m266 audio part used in the Hercules MaxiSound Muse six-channel audio card. I hate to be in this position and I’m currently looking for a better main provider.

There are currently 1 users asus a7m audio this thread. The time now is Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On asus a7m266 audio other hand, seeing as this is an ASUS board we are talking about, and given my very low opinion of Asustech’s asus a7m266 audio offerings, perhaps ‘primordial’ is appropriate after a7j266.


I am using the onboard C-Media sound.


One of my suppliers is making me wait for an order I placed more than a week ago asus a7m audio ausio is waiting too to asuus for the parts. Given the presence of the AGP Pro slot and the relatively uncluttered layout behind the expansion slots, the A7M would make an asus a7m266 audio workstation asus a7m266 audio.

Some people very few got it to work with Crucial RAM.

Also, I was not impressed with the onboard sound on the Asus so I didn’t really want to have to pay for that. Realizing auss Value of Cross-Enterprise Solutions. Can’t adjust asus a7m266 audio multiplier without modifying the board; AMR slot Rating: Loyd Case came to computing by way of physical chemistry.

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