The dual mode possibility of the touchpad. But more on that in the next section. The M70V, M70S , and previously tested M50V and M50S , all give a very noble first impression both through the use of a high gloss finish with well chosen coloring and with Asus’ classy original Infusion design. The touchpad offers a dual mode function, which offers a slew of controllable multimedia functions. A pack of headphones to drown out the loud noises of the fans for when the laptop is under a heavy load.

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Following the Asus M50V, the much anticipated M70V finally became available asus m70vn will it be able to compete with other well known manufacturers? Asus homepage Asus notebook section.

Asus M70Vn

The noise level while typing is typical of a asus m70vn keyboard with a slight muffled sound when the keys are pressed. Asus m70vn, with a huge 17 inch display the M70V has been downgraded from the M50V, displaying a resolution of only x, versus the M50V’s x resolution on a 15 inch screen.

See what’s installed now.

The exact values of the seperate components are as follows:. So, details like letters are bigger. Ending on a final note, the laptop comes with a high quality laptop bag and asus m70vn small notebook mouse.

Asus M70VN Motherboard

However, asus m70vn must be kept in mind that Blu-Ray support in assus configurations is still asus m70vn. Please, switch off ad blockers. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The exact values of the seperate components are as follows: The overall positioning of the ports in the Asus M70V is rather user friendly.


Compatible Memory sort price: All together the notebook has gigabytes asus m70vn memory capacity. The glowing touchpad in multimedia mode is just as good looking. The Asus Asus m70vn has a great deep bass soundeven though the sound itself could have been a little fuller. Unfortunately the extremely reflective display makes it impossible to use this laptop anywhere outdoors. Even asus m70vn back side looks rather good in terms of heat development. Regarding the laptop’s sound emissions, we’re really not sure how we feel.

Mention worthy praise that needs to be addressed is the user friendliness of the positioning of the ports ; HDMI and eSATA ports both help make nearly anything possible. Here, by asus m70vn single tap of the illuminated icons the different multimedia functions can be easily controlled. Compatible SSDs sort price: This isn’t all that bad, but the competition have made their laptops a lot quieter while idling.

Asus M70Vn [Laptop Specifications Central]

Regardless if the volume is low or at maximum output, the sounds are clean and crisp in nearly all types of music. With an access time of only The analogue Standard-VGA port compliments the range of video asus m70vn. Asux to the comparably big mAh Lithium Ion Akkusthe Asus M70V has the capability to run on battery power for quite some time asus m70vn offer great test results.


The shooter Crysis from Electronic Arts is known for its high system requirements. A fluid, enjoyable game can be played at an average of 38 asus m70vn per second with a x resolution. The newer PcMark Vantage test sample gave the following m70v.

Unfortunately the Asus m70vn M70V is anything but quiet. The laptop is built asus m70vn do more than just everyday tasks including for example surfing the internet, sending emails, and watching DVDs and listening to music.

More or less it is possible to comfortably work in your lap, except for the fact that it has a 17 inch screen, m70vvn makes it less mobile asus m70vn more of an at-home desktop replacement. Please share our article, every link counts! Another point to make is that the loud, hard work of the fan isn’t without purpose, it’s there so the Asus M70V can stay cool. The display is built with a double latching system assu asus m70vn holds the laptop closed.