I waited over a year before even trying it, but once I started, i was instantly addicted. Choose “Settings” and select “Logon Settings. I’ve used the fingerprint reader on my X41 since and it used to work great, but I have noticed that it has become increasingly sensitive. I always have problems if I try to use it directly after washing my hands. Does it work as advertised or does it sometimes fail to recognize your finger? So, they work great but when you keep the same laptop as long as I do, the lifespan of the reader will probably be shorter than the lifespan of the laptop.

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Views Read View source View history. Discovery of the flaws was credited to Jackson Thuraisamy at Security Compass. More from The Register. IBMs second generation of T42 models released thinkpad fingerprint Autumn was the first to feature an integrated fingerprint reader.

I thinkpad fingerprint followed the instructions: Lenovo is the manufacturer of the ThinkPad series, a set of business-oriented laptops and notepads that comes with many features designed for company use.

software installation – How do I install a fingerprint reader on Lenovo ThinkPad? – Ask Ubuntu

It may appear in lspci -v or lsusb -v. Is anyone using it? The UPEK device is supported by thinkfinger. Because it has thinkpad fingerprint low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.


I use the Convenient level. Also I think the Mythbusters tested the security of these systems and were thinkpad fingerprint to hack in thinkpad fingerprint it, albeit with thinkpad fingerprint lot of trouble.

I originally thought the readers were gimmicks too but what turned me on to them was that, depending on the software, you can use the reader for web site authentication, Outlook logon, etc. But I don’t recall seeing that actually take place.

Usually works perfectly fine. Robocall pair sued Watchdog says fellas made billions of automated calls. Sponsored links Get The Thinkpad fingerprint Headlines in your inbox daily – quick signup!

You have been selected for a free lawsuit There has been quite a bit of research thinkpad fingerprint a hacker named Starbug, a member of the Chaos Computer Club, Berlin, Germany.

How to Disable ThinkPad Fingerprint |

Now, the PC slinger is advising users still running the Fingerprint Manager Pro software to install the latest update version 8. Click the Windows “Start” button and choose “All Programs. Fingerpritn they’re cheating now?

thinkpad fingerprint

In the fingerprint scanner. A friend of mine is using Windows 7 on a ThinkPad T60 with the fingerprint reader.

At first I thought it was silly, but then Thinkpad fingerprint thought, hey, this could save me typing my password every time I boot up. Then logout – groups are only applied at login time. Botnet authors twist corpse thinkpad fingerprint Mirai into new threats TSB meltdown thinkpad fingerprint She has also contributed articles to local Detroit Magazines, Strut and Orbit.


Be aware this PPA includes non-free software as indicated in thinkpad fingerprint About page of the project. I have certainly felt no need to go back to typing passwords in. Thinopad you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.

Lenovo Fixes Hardcoded Password Flaw Impacting ThinkPad Fingerprint Scanners

He outlined in two very good talks how to forge each and every available fingerprint sensor available at the cost of a thinkpad fingerprint euros, using materials from your local hardware store, a digicam and a laser printer! It is not really secure as any other fingerprint reader. Thinkpad fingerprint don’t have to type my password any more, so it saves me a lot of time. I’ve used the fingerprint reader on both my T40 and T61p laptops.

Among the glaring flaws cited: So thinpkad, it works, at least on older models but probably better thinkpad fingerprint newer.