For the high voltage experimenter they are used to make high voltage arcs, which is what this instructable will show you how to do with just a few simple electronic components. The transistor gets a little warm, but not too hot to touch. This terminology is used especially in power supply transformers. Would b be as simple as adding a capacitor across the primary? If nothing happens and you cannot hear any high pitched noise from the flyback transformer then try reversing the connections to the primary and feedback coils, if you still get nothing try just changing the connections on one of the coils. There is considerable energy stored in the magnetic field and coupling it out via extra windings helps it to collapse quickly, and avoids the voltage flash over that might otherwise occur. Usually this resolves that issue.

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As I slowly increase the supply to 6 V, the current draw rises to 3 A and then the flyback suddenly stops outputting any voltage. transistor flyback

Flyback driver #1: Single transistor driver – BOGIN, JR.

How this came into being, what it is for. In some cases, as much as 10mA may transistor flyback possible with the flyback shorted, but than again, you won’t know until your secondary is ruined, so, again, transistor flyback at your own risk, and be aware of what will happen if you get carried away This circuit uses a common flyback transformer you probably have more than one in your house right now to boost typical battery voltages up to the multi-kilovolt range.

However, if it was transistor flyback, over 30kV may be obtainable with higher input voltages. What you need to know about these solid state switches.

I’m not sure why it has a green spot painted on it but it is a very distinguishing mark for a great flyback.


The heart transistor flyback the circuit is a ferrite-cored flyback transformer. Flyback driver in a cage. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued transistor flyback of the website is subject to these policies.

Flyback transformer

The output voltage is close to 40kilovolts, transistor flyback is enough to ionize the air without any ground nearby, as can be seen on the first picture. Although with an unrectified flyback you can drive a plasma globe, you cannot charge capacitors.

The arc will produce a faint hissing sound, which is associated with it’s frequency. There are several things you can do to avoid failure due to high collector voltage Typically the circuit calls for transistor flyback 2N power transistor.

If nothing happens and you cannot hear any high pitched transistor flyback from the flyback transformer then try reversing the connections to the primary and feedback coils, if you still get nothing try just changing the connections on one of the coils.

Also transistor flyback the fact that any ground outside the wires will make them behave like a capacitor, coupling energy to the ground The flyback transformer circuit was invented as a means of controlling the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube CRT.

Relevant discussion may transistor flyback found on the talk page. The really old ones have disc shaped secondarys, removable primarys, no rectification transistor flyback look like this: The best flybacks come from old TV’s or monitors, specially the larger ones, and have a disk shaped transistor flyback.

You can also check out my plasma globe page here. If there is too much current being drawn like a shortthan the transistor is gone this happens far more often than I wish it did.


Usually this resolves that issue. Unfortunately, a flyback requires ratings for a transistor waaaaay above what you would niavely expect. transistor flyback

2n Flyback Transformer Driver for Beginners

As the input voltage rises the power consumption on R2 27 ohms increases. I just bought transistor flyback cheapest heatsink maplin sell.

Sir i have used a ohm 10 watt resistor Transistor flyback of a ohm 5 watt resistor. In the image’s above are some arcs produced by my 2n driver and some different flyback transformers, most flybacks will only give around a cm arc on 12V input and upping the input voltage only increases heating on the transistor in my experience.

Flygack the transistors that work well apparently are very “robust” and are handling this rapid breakdown of the Vce and are recovering with no permanent damage to the transistor. The rectified voltage is then used to supply the final anode transistor flyback the cathode gransistor tube. From seeing a few schematics where the flyback or snubber diode has been placed across the transistor C-E terminals Right Configurationinstead of what I typically seen as the transisotr flyback being placed across the coil terminals Left Configuration.

Still, the circuit works and is transistor flyback for transistor flyback things, such as drawings arcs, Jacob’s ladders, charging capacitors, running a HV cascade not recommended for beginners! If there are transistor flyback least two sets of coils, you can use the original windings with no problems. I think it has to do with the amplification h21e factor or base current. The right circuit attempts to do the same thing, but relies on power supply having a low impedance path.