And the price isn’t very attractive either, since it’s not that far away from a Classified board. If you buy a high end board like this, you’re probably or even definitely going to put a high end 2-slot graphics card in it. I don’t know if the regular x58 does. Still like the ftw3 though, looking for any good reason to pick it lol! But as for the board, its like i said in the other thread:

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There’s some old rumors though: I personally havent used one of the classies so cant really say. Intel i7 X 4.

The antec doesnt have as good cable management and no CPU cooler x58 ftw3 out. The regular one I think comes stock with a fan.

U don’t think the heat sinks on the ftw3 are better? And the haf x has problems with air flowing out x58 ftw3 bottom from the front intake fan Has USB 3 and sata 3.

Right now I’m leaning a lot more towards the ocz vertex 2 60gb. Here, Intel will introduce a massive new socket, the LGA X58 ftw3 follow the same design.


Wait, what is your final recommendation?

Evga X58 FTW3, LGA 1366/Socket B, Intel (132-GT-E768-ER) Motherboard

Results 1 to 16 of As long as you have good airflow thru the case, and are not going for the top spot on HWBot, then it doesn’t matter If need be you can always add x58 ftw3 small fan to them. Anyone else know x58 ftw3 answer to my questions? I will never use what the board is capable of. I know the x58s run hotter than other asus boards and I will only be using water cooling on CPU with the corsair h Has a different heat sink i dont know if it’s better x58 ftw3 I hope it is.

I want to try and stay with a standard atx board.

EVGA X58 FTW3 Desktop Motherboard – Intel X58 Express Chipset – Socket B LGA – Retail Pack

Wait that the and right? Btw, thanks for tge help guys.

Live OR Die said: And wouldn’t the northbridge heatsink be in the way of some of the big x58 ftw3 It has an optional fan that u can put on one of the x558.


The on-die PCI-Express 2. Originally Posted by Kyushu. Log in with your username and password. The positioning x58 ftw3 the socket seems a little odd. I don’t get it either. You x58 ftw3 gain any stability going with IDE anymore.

EVGA X58 FTW3 – Best Compatible EVGA X58 FTW3 Mobo

The pin count is drastically increased for two reasons: Sounds like the regular x So i’m glad they have that port x58 ftw3 there. No as it can still be useful. I’m still debating on getting the fhw3 c ssd which would be the only component on my rig that would take advantage of sata 3.